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Taylor FAS DPD Test Kit Chlorine - SERVICE SIZE K-2006C
Taylor FAS DPD Test Kit Chlorine - SERVICE SIZE K-2006C

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Product Code: K-2006C

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FAS-DPD Monox Test Kit

Developed in conjunction with Dupont Chemicals, this test kit accurately measures free and combined chlorine in the presence of potassium monopersulfate shocking agents. (Non-Chlorine Shock).

Components for Kit Number: K-2006C
 Component    Description    Quantity 
 2004B    BOOKLET,POOL&SPA WATER CHEM,2011 ed.    
 5140    K-2006C SERIES INSTRUCTIONS    
 7015    FOAM 54 X 24 X 1" P/E      0.0031 
 9191    BOT,CA DISP,7&14ML,PL W/CAP    
 9500    PIPET, GIFT OF TIME    
 R-0003-C    DPD RGT #3; 2 OZ DB    
 R-0004-C    PH IND SOL (PR); 2OZ DB    
 R-0005-C    ACID DEMAND RGT (ADR); 2OZ DB    
 R-0006-C    BASE DEMAND RGT (BDR); 2OZ DB    
 R-0007-C    THIOSULFATE N/10; 2 OZ DB    
 R-0008-C    TOT ALK IND; 2 OZ DB    
 R-0009-C    SULFURIC ACID .12N; 2 OZ DB    
 R-0010-C    CALCIUM BUFF; 2 OZ DB    
 R-0011L-C    CALCIUM IND LIQ; 2 OZ DB    
 R-0012-C    HARDNESS RGT; 2 OZ DB    
 R-0013-C    CYA RGT;2OZ DB    
 R-0870-I    DPD PDR; 10 GM V    
 R-0871-C    FAS-DPD TTR''G RGT; 2 OZ DB    

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