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Benefits How the Quikclean System Works
QuikCleanMAX System
Safety First. Guaranteed.
MagnaSweep is completely pressure-safe and has no need for old fashioned pressure relief valves. No pressure spikes or excess pressure build-up is possible...ever. MagnaSweep is safe.

Magnasweep cleaning headNo-Maintenance Cleaning System. Guaranteed.
That's right. MagnaSweep is self-cleaning and requires no time consuming or expensive periodic maintenance. There are no internal or external filters or screens to clean and reassemble. Why buy a cleaning system you have to clean?

No Strain, Your Gain. Guaranteed.
Since MagnaSweep is permanently built flush into your pool, you can swim whenever you want to. There will never be awkward, heavy robots and unsightly hoses to remove and replace from your pool and deck. Just jump right in and enjoy!

Built-In Quality
MagnaSweep is permanently built flush into your pool's floor, steps, benches and spa. Unlike outdated random robot and random in-floor systems, MagnaSweep is pre-programmed to sweep your pool's entire interior surface. After all, isn't that what you want your cleaning system to do.

Save Time and Money
By doing nothing. MagnaSweep will clean and circulate your pool automatically and hydraulically with filtered, sanitized water. No extra pumps, or additional energy costs are ever needed, even with the LeafVac option.

Retains Your Pool's Beauty
No unsightly hoses or other equipment to mar the beauty of your aesthetically pleasing, custom-designed pool.

Individual Design
Your MagnaSweep System will be designed by the factory for your pool...personally and professionally.