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How the QuikClean System Works for You

Automatic, Silent, Systematic, Programmed Cleaning.

The virtually invisible QuikClean Cleaning Heads are strategically located and built-in flush throughout the floor, steps and benches of your pool and spa. The speed adjustable QuikClean Water Valve directs water to a set of two or more cleaning heads which pop-up and send a stream of filtered, treated water across the floor and walls of your pool. The activated Cleaning Heads sweep dirt and debris into suspension to be removed through the pool skimmer and main drain to the filter. The QuikClean Water valve will then automatically direct water to the next set of Cleaning Heads. The previously activated Cleaning Heads will return flush with the floor of the pool while rotating to the next programmed position. This activation of Cleaning Heads will continue as long as the pool filtration system is operating.

Individually Factory Designed for Your Pool.

Cleaning Heads are strategically located by QuikClean factory personnel for your individual pool. They are placed so that the entire pool will be addressed with overlapping jet streams of filtered, sanitized water. In about an hour every square of your pool's interior area will be swept...quickly, effectively and economically.

All You See is the Clean.

QuikClean is silent, and nearly invisible while it cleans and thoroughly circulates filtered water throughout your entire pool and spa. And with no unsightly robots or hoses interfering with the beautiful pool designed to enhance your backyard...all you see is the clean.