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Value, Convenience and Benefits

Convenience. No Periodic Maintenance... Guaranteed.

That's right. Unlike older-style cleaners, there is no periodic maintenance necessary for your QuikClean System. None. No internal or external screens to clean and clean and clean...we think that you have better things to do than to clean your cleaning system. Don't you agree?

Convenience. Pressure-Safe and User Friendly... Guaranteed.

QuikClean is engineered to remain pressure-safe without the need for older-style external, mechanical, pressure relief devices. And QuikClean is user friendly. It requires absolutely no tools to disassemble the Water Valve and cleaning heads may be removed and installed from the deck.

Convenience. Nothing to Remove and Replace...And Remove and Replace... Guaranteed.

QuikClean adds built-in permanence and value to your pool. There is never anything to remove and replace...and remove and replace and remove and replace...as with older-style add-on, hose-end robot cleaners. That means your beautiful pool will stay beautiful, safe and easy to enjoy.

Convenience. Just Swim and Enjoy... Guaranteed.

Your pool is always ready when you are. There's never a chance of bumping into unsightly robots or disrupting your pool cleaning and circulation times. That means that you can just plunge right in. Anytime. And, as an added convenience you can simply use the QuikStop control to allow constant filtering without the cleaning heads popping up.