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The QuikCleanMax System

When only the highest value and maximum cleaning and circulation will do

Value...Dramatically Reduces Maintenance Time While It Saves You Money.

While no product can guarantee to completely eliminate pool maintenance, QuikCleanMax comes very close. It does the hard work, so you can do the play.

How QuikCleanMax Works

QuikCleanMax offers all of the benefits of the QuikClean System plus the added benefits of more effectively cleaning floating litter, leaves and heavy debris while offering impressive water circulation with the patented QuikSkim and Quik LeafVac (patent pending).

QuikSkim...Venturi Powered Skimming. Patented Venturi-Powered Automatic Skimmer dramatically enhances surface skimming action through the power of the venturi. Surface debris is trapped between the skimmer mouth and the powerful venturi flow to be effortlessly carried from the pool surface. It even comes with its own filter sock for easy debris removal and actually returns more water to the pool than it removes to increase surface circulation. And that means a cleaner, healthier pool for your family and guests. LeafVac...Removes Leaves and More. Safely and automatically removes soaked leaves, sand, insects, and other heavy debris. Safety engineered, anti-vortex, dual main drain system collects heavier debris in an attractive canister conveniently located at the deck or equipment area. This means a cleaner pool, less maintenance time and more fun time for you.

Protects Your Pump.

By trapping debris at the deck with LeafVac and QuikSkim, before it can reach the pump, the pump impeller is less likely to be damaged by floating or heavy debris. It can operate more freely and efficiently. That can save both time and money.

QuikCleanMax...Maximum Power.

Due to the patented design of the powerful QuikSkim and the efficiency of LeafVac your pool will seem as if it is operating with two pumps instead of one. That maximum cleaning and circulation. That's QuikCleanMax.