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R-8005A   Taylor Phosphate 3 Reagent A 22ml #R-8005A
R-8005B   Taylor Phosphate 3 Reagent B 10g #R-8005B
K-8005   Taylor Phosphate Colorimeter Reagent Pack K-8005
R-0980-A   Taylor Phosphate Reagent #1 22ml #R-0980-A
R-0981-A   Taylor Phosphate Reagent #2 22ml #R-0981-A
K-1106   Taylor Phosphate Test Kit 01000PPB K-1106
K-1747   Taylor Pool & Spa Combo Bromine DPD/Alk/Hardness/pH Test K-1747
K-1748   Taylor Pool & Spa Combo Chlorine DPD/Alk/Hardness/pH Test K-1748
R-0765-I   Taylor Potassium Iodide Crystals 10g #R-0765-I
R-0765-J   Taylor Potassium Iodide Crystals 113g #R-0765-J
R-0765-K   Taylor Potassium Iodide Crystals 1lb #R-0765-K
R-0765-II   Taylor Potassium Iodide Crystals 50g #R-0765-II
K-1744LC   Taylor Professional Complete Midget Test Kit K-1744LC
K-1741C   Taylor Professional Complete Slide Test Kit K-1741C
K-1744L   Taylor Professional Midget Test Kit K-1744L
K-1741   Taylor Professional Slide Test Kit K-1741
K-1741STR   Taylor Professional Starter Slide Test Kit K-1741STR
K-1582   Taylor QAC Drop Test K-1582
R-0884-C   Taylor QAC Titrating Solution (High) 60ml #R-0884-C
R-0951-E   Taylor QAC Titrating Solution (Low) 16oz #R-0951-E
R-0951-C   Taylor QAC Titrating Solution (Low) 60ml #R-0951-C
R-0883-E   Taylor QAC Titrating Solution 16oz #R-0883-E
K-9065   Taylor QAC/Polyquat Drop Test K-9065
K-1005   Taylor Residential i-CARE Test Kit K-1005
K-1004   Taylor Residential Troubleshoot DPD Test Kit K-1004
K-1003   Taylor Residential Troubleshoot Test Kit K-1003
K-8023   Taylor Salt Colorimeter Reagent Pack K-8023
K-1766   Taylor Salt Drop Test Kit K-1766
R-0706-E   Taylor Silver Nitrate Reagent (10ppm) 16oz #R-0706-E
R-0706-F   Taylor Silver Nitrate Reagent (10ppm) 32oz #R-0706-F
R-0706-C   Taylor Silver Nitrate Reagent (10ppm) 60ml #R-0706-C
R-0718-E   Taylor Silver Nitrate Reagent (200ppm) 16oz #R-0718-E
R-0718-A   Taylor Silver Nitrate Reagent (200ppm) 22ml #R-0718-A
R-0718-C   Taylor Silver Nitrate Reagent (200ppm) 60ml #R-0718-C
R-0810-E   Taylor Sodium Carbonate .24N 16oz #R-0810-E
R-0810-C   Taylor Sodium Carbonate .24N 60ml #R-0810-C
R-8023A   Taylor Sodium Chloride (Salt) 80 Reagent A 22ml #R-8023A
R-8023B   Taylor Sodium Chloride (Salt) 80 Reagent B 22ml #R-8023B
R-0739-E   Taylor Sodium Hydroxide Reagent 16oz #R-0739-E
R-0739-C   Taylor Sodium Hydroxide Reagent 60ml #R-0739-C
R-0747-C   Taylor Sodium Thiosulfate 60ml #R-0747-C
9265   Taylor SpeedStir Magentic Stirrer Start Up Pack #9265
K-7066-E   Taylor Standard Solutions Reagent Pack K-7066-E
R-0636-E   Taylor Starch Indicator Solution 16oz #R-0636-E
R-0636-G   Taylor Starch Indicator Solution 1gal #R-0636-G
R-0636-F   Taylor Starch Indicator Solution 32oz #R-0636-F
R-0636-C   Taylor Starch Indicator Solution 60ml #R-0636-C
K-2000   Taylor Starter (High) DPD Test Kit
K-2100   Taylor Starter DPD (Low) Test Kit K-2100
R-0921-I   Taylor Sulfanilamide Powder 10g #R-0921-I
R-0009-E   Taylor Sulfuric Acid .12N 16oz #R-0009-E
R-0009-A   Taylor Sulfuric Acid .12N 22ml # R-0009-A
R-0009-F   Taylor Sulfuric Acid .12N 32oz #R-0009-F
R-0009-C   Taylor Sulfuric Acid .12N 60ml # R-0009-C
R-0811-E   Taylor Sulfuric Acid .24N 16oz #R-0811-E
R-0811-C   Taylor Sulfuric Acid .24N 60ml #R-0811-C
R-0736-E   Taylor Sulfuric Acid .6N 16oz #R-0736-E
R-0736-F   Taylor Sulfuric Acid .6N 32oz #R-0736-F
R-0736BR-C   Taylor Sulfuric Acid .6N w/ Brown Cap 60ml #R-0736BR-C
R-0736G-C   Taylor Sulfuric Acid .6N w/ Green Cap 60ml #R-0736G-C
R-0736O-C   Taylor Sulfuric Acid .6N w/ Orange Cap 60ml #R-0736O-C
S-1309   Taylor sureTRACK Safety Plus 4-Way Test Strips (30 strips)
R-0809-II   Taylor TDS Resin 50g #R-0809-II
R-0968-1K-F   Taylor TDS Solution 32oz #R-0968-1K-F
R-0968-1K-C   Taylor TDS Solution 60ml #R-0968-1K-C
K-2015   Taylor Test 4 (High) 2000 Series Test Kit K-2015
K-2115   Taylor Test 4 (Low) 2000 Series Test Kit K-2115
R-0643-A   Taylor Thiocarbamate Reagent 22ml #R-0643-A
R-0007-E   Taylor Thiosulfate N/10 16oz #R-0007-E
R-0007-G   Taylor Thiosulfate N/10 1gal #R-0007-G
R-0007-A   Taylor Thiosulfate N/10 22ml # R-0007-A
R-0007-C   Taylor Thiosulfate N/10 60ml # R-0007-C
R-0885-C   Taylor Thiosulfate Reagent (1ml-2ml sample) 60ml #R-0885-C
R-0700-E   Taylor Thiosulfate Reagent (chlorine titrant) 16oz #R-0700-E
R-0700-C   Taylor Thiosulfate Reagent (chlorine titrant) 60ml #R-0700-C
R-0774-E   Taylor Thiosulfate Reagent 16oz #R-0774-E
R-0774-C   Taylor Thiosulfate Reagent 60ml # R-0774-C
R-0881-E   Taylor Toluidine Blue O Indicator 16oz #R-0881-E
R-0881-A   Taylor Toluidine Blue O Indicator 22ml #R-0881-A
R-0881-C   Taylor Toluidine Blue O Indicator 60ml #R-0881-C
R-0008-E   Taylor Total Alkalinity Indicator 16oz #R-0008-E
R-0008-G   Taylor Total Alkalinity Indicator 1gal #R-0008-G
R-0008-A   Taylor Total Alkalinity Indicator 22ml # R-0008-A
R-0008-C   Taylor Total Alkalinity Indicator 60ml # R-0008-C
K-1764   Taylor Total Dissolved Solids Drop Test K-1764
R-0854-E   Taylor Total Hardness Reagent 16oz #R-0854-E
R-0854-A   Taylor Total Hardness Reagent 22ml #R-0854-A
R-0854-C   Taylor Total Hardness Reagent 60ml #R-0854-C
M-2000   Taylor TTi 2000 Colorimeter M-2000
522212   TurboClean Retro-Fit Adapter Fitting
555807   TurboClean Retro-Fit Adapter with Internal Head
B8077   Valtera Pool Deluxe Floating Pool Chlorinator # B8077
B8228   Valterra Blue Devil 1-1/2" X 100' Hose w/ Clamp # B8228
B8227   Valterra Blue Devil 1-1/2" x 50' Hose w/ Clamp # B8227
B3610   Valterra Blue Devil 16" Hose w/ Male Fitting # B3610
B8257   Valterra Blue Devil 2" X 100' Hose w/ Clamp # B8257
B8259   Valterra Blue Devil 2" x 25' Hose w/ Clamp # B8259
B8258   Valterra Blue Devil 2" x 50' Hose w/ Clamp # B8258
B8130C   Valterra Blue Devil 6" Chrome/Brass Deluxe Thermometer # B8130C
B8155C   Valterra Blue Devil 8" Submersible or Floating Thermometer # B8155C
B8072   Valterra Blue Devil Elongated Floating Chlorinator # B8072
B8190C   Valterra Blue Devil Large 10" Thermometer w/ Water Scoop # B8190C
B3609   Valterra Blue Devil Oscar 16" Hose # B3609
B8060   Valterra Blue Devil Pop-Up Chlorinator # B8060
B8260C   Valterra Blue Devil Stainless Hose Clamps (2), 1" to 2-3/4", # B8260C
B8055   Valterra Spa Deluxe Chemical (Chlorine/Bromine) Float Dispenser # B8055
10123   Weld On 711 Gray Heavy PVC Cement 1/2 PT
14846   Weld On Purple ECO Primer 1/2 PT # 14846

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